Forex Scalping

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Forex Scalping

Forex scalping is an amazing way to make cheap profits in forex trading. With this trading methodology, traders can earn a few pips within short time frames. To scalp the markets, experienced scalpers use one minutes or five minutes’ time frames, using small time frames makes it possible to witness many opportunities and take advantage of them.

Scalping techniques can be helpful but to become a successful one, you need to choose the currency pair that best fits your strategy, you also need to understand the spread and the trade volume you like to trade with, it is important to plan for loses so effective money management is vital in forex scalping.

Some simple forex scalping strategies includes:

Easy scalping technique

The secret behind scalping is that it is very easy to make 50 pips profit in multiple trades instead of holding a single trade and suffer market inconsistencies. In order to make much gain and to profit so much from the market, scalpers always execute trades between 100,000 units (standard lot in the Meta Trader 4) and 100,000 (10 standard lot in Meta Trader 4). The advantage is there are many opportunities and you can enjoy plenty of entries constantly.

One very important factor that benefits scalpers is the market condition, for example, a ranging market with a range that can be predicted is very good for scalping.

Simple forex scalping strategy

There are several simple forex scalping strategy available for forex traders. The 1-minutescalping strategy works very well and with it, a scalper is capable of making of make ten or more pips on the average on different trades. It is pretty strategy for beginners and it has gained popularity within a short time by its high volume trading frequency. To use it, simply set your tracker to one minute, then use either EMA or stochastic with periods of 5,3 and 3 and apply them to your chart.

With this settings, you will have signals for opening for opening long and short positions. This strategy is also applicable during volatile sessions.

Finally scalping is profitable but may necessitate that you test strategies over and over for a long time to find a suitable system.

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