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Simple Forex Scalping Strategy

There are many scalping options forex traders can use but not all are simple forex scalping strategies. To win in scalping, it is advisable to stick with simple forex scalping strategy when trading. Simple scalping strategy works effectively for many forex scalpers. It can be used to make 20 or more pips on a daily basis. Different scalpers adopt different systems for scalping, some look for the close of a candle at the end of an active trading session and trade the retracements, this is an easy means to make up to 30pips in a single trade.

Others look out for similar opportunities to scalp, i.e. there is always a small retracement in the price whenever a candle is opened at slightly above or below the 5 EMA when the market is not trending, some scalpers look out for this and then place a trade for a few pips.

It is advisable to go with the simple forex scalping strategy when the market is ranging as it is works best during this period. Ensure you do this when a trend starts and also when a trends stops.

Other simple scalping techniques includes:

Easy Scalping Technique

The secret behind scalping is that it is very easy to make 20 – 50 pips profit in multiple trades instead of holding a single trade and suffer the market inconsistency. In order to profit much from the market via forex scalping, look out to execute as many small trades as possible, by doing this, you can make at least 200 pips daily. If you do this for one month, it accumulates to an amazing 4,000 pips in one month.

The most profitable market correlation for forex scalping is ranging market where the price is tight.

Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy

Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy is not a myth; it involves profits cancelling losses after a day’s trading. Many scalpers don’t end up profitable because the systems they adopt place so many trades and in the end of the day, it could either end in a small or large loss.

If you want to scalp successfully, you need to determine the amount of currencies you want, the trade volume you intend to use per trade, if you choose the values properly, you may end a trading day with a loss without critical damage to your trading capital.

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